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The corner fountain drugstore was a common establishment in 20th century America where patrons could pick up their pharmaceuticals and other household sundries while enjoying a bite to eat.  Local regulars would fill the counter seats throughout the day as they read the paper and shared stories and laughs with one another.  Joe and Beulah met in a fountain drugstore in their youth and loved it so much that they opened their own, after being married.  The couple set up their establishment in downtown Springfield, MO just off the beaten path of Route 66.  The Gailey’s moved to this location in 1942 and continued to operate here until the turn of the century.  Joe ran the pharmacy while Beulah would whip up burgers, chili, and milkshakes.  The Gailey’s are often remembered as two of the most kind and generous people you could meet, who would always give it to you straight.  This corner location became an iconic symbol of Springfield’s past; surviving long after downtown ceased to be the hub of Springfield Commerce.  Today the old drugstore combined with the former lobby of the Hotel Seville has been refurbished into a full service café offering a unique diner experience while celebrating its exciting past.  We hope you enjoy our establishment as much as we do.  Cheers!
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